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Breakthrough Treatment

Now, we don't know for sure who first tried the Bright Eyes drops on their pet, but it may well have been one of the many people who contacted Jane Lilley at Dog World, in response to her plea for help to find Bright CarnosineEyes for one of her readers, whose Irish Setter had started to develop cataracts. The lengthy article (over 800 words) can be seen in full by selecting the link above; it resulted in a glowing letter of thanks from the owner of the Irish Setter.

Karen Redpath, at Dogs Today, replied to an anxious reader whose elderly crossbreed had been diagnosed with the onset of cataracts in both eyes “We have heard of a product called Bright Eyes which may be of use to you. It comes in the form of hypoallergenic eye drops, which are safe for either humans or pets to use, proving especially successful with those suffering with glaucoma or cataracts”.

Those of you who may have previous experience of the trauma associated with cataract surgery, will also know that it costs about £1,500 ($2,000) for an operation to just one of your pet's eyes. So Bright Eyes is not only a far less traumatic alternative to surgery, but a far less expensive one as well. Application is very simple and pets quickly start to look forward to receiving the soothing eye drops. A regime of regularly instilling the drops into your pet's effected eyes, soon starts to show results, enabling them to see again and returning the confidence that goes with improved vision. If your pet has not developed cataracts, it is recommended that you use Bright Eyes drops to prevent the onset of eye disorders, a drop in each eye just twice a week, to keep your pet's eyes bright and clear; preventing the onset of cataracts and saving your pet from much stress and discomfort.

Ethos Bright Eyes Ultimate Eye Care Drops contain N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, are 100%Research hypoallergenic and 100% free of all animal ingredients; they are especially formulated for use directly into the eyes. Ethos researched the eye drops following reports of improvements in vision, from people using their Ethos Vital Health Carnosine supplement to combat ageing, caused by free radicals, and as an aid to skin rejuvenation.

It is reported that Professor Steven Gallant, a biochemist at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, was the first British scientist to discover the properties of L-Carnosine, a discovery he made whilst searching for a non-surgical cure for his father's cataracts. L-Carnosine is naturally produced in the body by the enzyme carnosine synthetase; high levels are found in nerve and muscle cells. L-Carnosine is NOT a drug, a vitamin or a mineral and does not react with any drugs. In early life there are high levels of it in the body but unfortunately, it decreases with age. Studies on the many rejuvenating effects of L-Carnosine have shown that it is a very active antioxidant, which effectively quenches the most destructive of free radicals, it helps to prevent skin collagen cross-linking which leads to ageing, loss of elasticity and wrinkles, its amazing ability to rejuvenate connective tissue cells expedites wound healing whilst protecting the microvasculature of the brain from plaque formation, that may lead to senility and Alzheimer's disease.

Articles in the Good Health section of the Daily Mail and Dog World along with answers to readers questions in the Daily Mirror and Dogs Today helped spread the word about Bright Eyes, then Richard & Judy conducted a test on their Channel 4 TV show, prompting Judy to say “In December we featured a new treatment for cataracts (Ethos Bright Eyes Cataract Drops), which is simply a lubricating eye drop that is claimed to reduce, or reverse, the effects of cataracts in six months without surgery. Well, only six weeks after we started the trial, we're already seeing some remarkable results”.


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