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What users have said about
Ethos Bright Eyes For Pets...

Originally Tested on Humans Now available for Pets!

Below are a selection of genuine and original letters received from delighted users of Ethos Bright Eyes For Pets. These customers have given their permission to use their comments to extol the virtues of Ethos Bright Eyes Cataract Drops, to help spread the word.

As you are aware, I have just re-ordered another two bottles of Ethos Products Bright Eyes Eye Drops for Pets.

I would like to let you know just how wonderful these drops appear to be. My Rough Collie's left eye was completely white and covered with the cataract. Now, after three months or so of using the drops he has a brown eye again with only a small cataract left. All my friends are remarking on the fantastic improvement. It is really noticeable.

I shall just use this next month's supply and then I think he will be fine. He has a slightly damaged eye in any case, having been hit by a car prior to my owning him.

This is a real testimonial to your product.

Many thanks,

Margaret Burns
Huntingdon, Cambs.
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A friend of mine, Dr Hodgkinson, ordered some Bright Eyes drops for his dog Zoe who had cataracts back in October. Zoe is nearly 15 and he didn't want to put her through the trauma of an op at her stage in life. Six weeks later Dr Hodgkinson was back on the phone saying that Zoe had barked at a horse outside the window for the first time in ages.

When I spoke to him after another six weeks he told me she is able to see other dogs now, he can tell as she now barks and has interaction with other dogs whereas beforehand she would not seem to notice them. (Dr Hodgkinson asked me to mention that his qualifications are electrical engineering and not medical.)

I've attached a picture he sent me of her so you can see what she looks like!


Sarah Swinglehurst
Hyde, Cheshire
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My Beautiful dog 'Faith', a miniature Schnauzer, became blind with Cataract 9 months ago and as she is also deaf her sight was especially precious to her.

After using your Bright Eyes drops for just two weeks the improvement is a MIRACLE.

She can not only make out shapes, she is also more alert and can make it to her food before the younger Schnauzer can muscle in. This is after just TWO!! weeks.

We look forward to her continued improvement and we can't thank you enough.

I am telling dozens of people about your product and wish you every success.

Susan Peel x

Stockport, Cheshire
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I thought you might be interested to know Bright Eyes also helps man's best friend. Our Chihuahua had the first signs of cataracts with her eyes becoming opaque. After using Bright Eyes twice a day for four months her eyes became completely black again. I continued for a further two months to make sure they stayed clear. I am now using Bright Eyes as my optician informs me I have cataracts forming. I hope it works for me as well as it did for our dog.

Mr. R. B. Kent, UK
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Dear Ethos: Our dog "Tank", a 70 Kg, Boerboel, who at 5 months manifested a condition called Entropion (his eyelids were turning in and scraping his corneas), and was very miserable. This is usually fixed by surgery, but you have to wait until the head is full grown. We had to wait 5 months. During that time, we tried other lubricant eye drops, but none worked as good as Bright Eyes. Tank would come up and blink a few times for his eye drops, when his eyes hurt. He has since had the surgery, but he still asks for his eye drops occasionally. We have had other older dogs that we have used the Bright Eyes on to keep them from getting cataracts. Prevention is always better than cure in my book!

Thanks for such a great product, and, of course, we always use them ourselves too.


Candy Ostman, Los Angeles, USA
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Charlie dog has given his approval to use his photo which I will attach to this Email. I have a number of shots of him but this one shows off his features quite well, including his eyes which are both being treated with Bright Eyes.

Charlie is now 16 years old as far as we can tell as he was a rescue dog who was only going to stay with us for 2 days until Jo (Our daughter) could find him a home as he was due to be put down that weekend! As you can see 14 years later he is still alive and enjoying life and still with us. Over the last 2 years he has developed cataracts, in one eye initially, and last year the second eye has gone the same way. As Jo had spoken with you re the eye drops we have since over the last six weeks been administering Bright Eyes to both eyes and to date there has been a noticeable improvement in his sight and his confidence and personality have had a big boost.

We have over the last few months had to restrict his walks only on a lead as he would get completely disorientated - but this last week we have allowed him to walk without a lead albeit with a watchful eye from ourselves. This would not have been possible a month or two ago. We believe the improvement is slow but nevertheless has improved enough already to give him a better quality of life in his Autumnal years.

Please feel free Pete, to use any information you need out of this brief text and I will try to keep you updated to his progresses as we go along. Good news about the other trials and I will try and see the Richard and Judy Show when it is screened Thanks again Pete and kindest regards and success for the future to all the team!

Ian Dormon, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
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Dear Sirs,

My 10-year-old cocker spaniel, Bobby, suffers from recurring conjunctivitis which causes the whites of his eyes to become quite red and inflamed. Bobby also has a blocked tear duct which doesn't help matters. Conjunctivitis in dogs and cats is not usually caused by bacteria (as is the case with humans) but by some form of irritation - often dust or dirt - which leads to a reddening of the white eye tissue and swelling of the inner eyelids. I have been using Bright Eyes drops myself for a number of months to relieve eye tiredness from hours in front of the computer, and I decided to try them on Bobby's eyes. The results were quite amazing! The redness and swelling cleared up within a week, the itchiness has obviously stopped and his eyes are now really bright and clear. The fact that Bright Eyes also helps prevent cataracts can only be described as an added bonus as many dogs develop cataracts. Thank you for a marvellous product which I can thoroughly recommend to all dog owners. I am happy in the knowledge that I'm doing all I can to enable Bobby to enjoy healthy eyesight for the rest of his life.

Kind regards,

Damian Howlett, Spain
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Thank you very much for sending the Ethos eye drops. I was using them on my cat who unfortunately passed on recently. Minty had gone blind from cataracts and these eye drops where a real god send as they allowed Minty to enjoy her last days out in the sunshine rather than stuck on a bed frightened because she couldn't see.

Your product really is fantastic and helped Minty who was over 18 years to see again. I'll recommend your product to anybody. I don't mind you using this letter as a testimonial and I have included some photos of Minty for you to use if you wish.

Yours Sincerely,

Tom S. Plymouth, UK
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We started on bright eyes for pets when our vet basically gave up last summer and said no help except surgery and that's tough on an older dog...

Our max is normally a very active and healthy 13+ year old poodle and no way could we give up on him. When we first started the drops his eyes were dull and cataract covered the whole left eye and most of the right... We were doing so well then, no fault of ours or yours, we hit snafu with the postal service and he went 3 months without. We were starting to lose ground and panic...he stopped looking up at us and was more content to lay and not try to get around... Now 5 weeks back on the drops and he is alert and looking up at us and seeing shadows again and getting around great...willing to try, and if he bumps into something he growls at it and keeps on going !! I have my alert happy dog back... Also with drops his eyes are pretty and clear and not so milky as most blind dogs...

I thank god every time I put drops in for your wonderful caring company...with luck hopefully mail will cooperate and we can see more and more improvement...

When he went in for booster/ rabies shot last week even the vet had to admit he was a new dog !! Thanks again to you and your staff for all their help in these trying months.

Jackie Cook, Iowa, USA
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I wanted to tell you this is an awesome product!!!! It has cured Angelina, my 6 month old Siberian husky's juvenile cataracts! Thank God!!!

Angelina had almost lost her sight completely at 6 months old. Angelina was walking into furniture and would fall off the curb when we would walk her.

If I would have had surgery on her, it would have altered her depth of perception. She did not require surgery and is completely healed.

Now I am trying this product on my older 4 year old Siberian husky called ReeKu who is slowly developing cataracts and wanted to fix it before it got bad.

Thanks for everything and when I have the next vet appointment I will be sure to tell them of your product!

Thanks so much for your miraculous product! Sincerely,

Mary Lynn Marsico RN BSN - VA Hospital in Pittsburgh PA
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