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British Daily Mirror - Letters Section

Here's an article that was extracted from the British Daily Mirror newspaper in answer to a question about Ethos "Bright Eyes" eye drops containing L-Carnosine.

"I saw on TV a new way to treat cataracts with eye drops.

My husband was one of the few people who had a bad reaction to his cataract operation due to sensitive eyes, and he now has a "kink" in his vision. Because of this, the specialist is now reluctant to operate on his right eye, which also has a cataract. Can you tell me more?"

"I think what you have in mind is a new eye-drop treatment that claims it could save thousands of people from having to undergo cataract surgery each year. Although Daily Mirrorcataract surgery was originally invented in Britain, doctors in Russia and China have been offering patients eye drops that painlessly dissolve the cataracts over a period of months.

The natural chemical in the eye drops is called L-Carnosine, an amino acid present in most muscles and in the eye itself. Professor Steven Gallant, who is a biochemist at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, was the first British scientist to discover the cataract reversal properties of l-carnosine.

The success rates in clearing cataracts is almost 100 per cent over a three to six month period. By doubling the daily dose, some patients have eradicated their cataracts in less than seven weeks. Results aren't instant but they are quick compared to the length of time patients are waiting for cataracts surgery on the NHS"

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Ethos Vital Health Carnosine Powder is also obtainable, to be dissolved in water and taken orally to bolster the effects of the eye drops and improve eyesight from the inside, whilst boosting the immune system.
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