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British Dog World - Living With Dogs

Here are some extracts from an article in the British publication Dog World:

Dog World"The product which contains one per cent N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, a naturally occurring antioxidant, is actually called Ethos Bright Eye Drops and is said to soothe and rejuvenate tired eyes naturally. It is 100 per cent hypoallergenic and 100 per cent free of animal ingredients and was originally formulated for humans. The fact that it is equally effective for dogs is a major plus."


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"Ethos Vital Health Carnosine is also obtainable as a powder, to be dissolved in water and used internally as a drink to improve eyesight from the inside and to boost the immune system."

"Results of tests on 96 human patients aged 60 years with senile cataract of varying degrees of maturity showed there was a profoundly beneficial effect on primary senile cataract, the effectiveness rate being 100 per cent with no side effects being found in the observed patients."

Jane Naish, who had originally written about her Irish Setter, reports "that after only three days treatment, her 'Blaze's' vision has already improved dramatically. He can see things better at a distance as well as close up, his eyes themselves are brighter and, his owner reports, he is her old happy dog once more."
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